Five Parts Dead

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Here’s an introduction to the story, courtesy of Text Publishing:

“Text Publishing is proud to be releasing Tim Pegler’s new novel, Five Parts Dead. Tim’s debut novel, Game as Ned was a 2008 Children’s Book Council Notable Book.

Five Parts Dead follows the story of Dan, a teenage boy convalescing on a holiday with his family. Dan is nursing the physical and emotional injuries sustained in a car crash that claimed three of his best friends. Left to his own devices he explores a nearby lighthouse and uncovers a tragic mystery.

In solving the mystery Dan seeks to lay to rest the ghosts of the past and the ghosts of his present.

This is an engaging, gripping story that perfectly conveys the hearts and hurts of teenagers. Tim explores the themes of peer pressure and guilt with an even hand and opens up the trauma in Dan’s mind for us all to see.

This is a brilliant novel for teenage boys and reluctant readers. A book that every 16 year old about to get their L-plates should read.”

And here’s some reviewer feedback:

“Five Parts Dead had it ALL for me. It made me snort coffee out of my nose as I laughed unexpectedly, it made me cry so hard I had to put the book down and walk away; it genuinely gave me the creeps in some places. It made me ache with compassion for its main characters, Dan and Lily, it had me fascinated and sickened at times. But most of all, it had me dreading the last page almost as much as I anticipated the ending. I never wanted this story to be over. Tim has woven two lives, two equally compelling tales, spanning two completely differing eras. And he has done a MAGNIFICENT job of it.” – The Book Gryffin

“It’s a perfect novel for all ages, that will capture the imagination of all readers – but it’s especially brilliant for boys and reluctant readers. This is a book that will not only mesmerise readers, but one that will linger. And did I mention it’s funny?” – inkcrush

“Pegler really knows his stuff as this is very well written with a gutsy and at time heartbreaking voice as well as an incredibly compelling plot. Highly recommended for any young adults but particularly for reluctant male readers…” – Magpies

“Pegler’s strong characterisation, his authentic dialogue and a touch of romance make this a great read.”- ReadPlus

“It’s not often that I read a book in one sitting, but I enjoyed Five Parts Dead so much, I felt compelled to get to the last page before lights out last night. It’s a great read – love the way you have entwined the two stories.” – JK

“Tim’s great at getting into the teen guy headspace and sharing a tale that really could happen to a lot of teens out there, underage drinking, driving under the influence, the consequences, etc. Well worth the read.” – Natalie Hatch of We Love YA

“nicely eerie and very enjoyable… i recommend it.” – Food For Silverfish

“…a breathtaking read that is sure to evoke a vast range of emotion and more than a few sleepless nights from even the most critical reader.” – The Book Gryffin again

“A gripping story … Best suited to boys 14+, but a good read for girls as well.” – Lamont Books

“Artfully constructed …. a compelling read.” – Australian Bookseller & Publisher magazine

“A classic yarn. A beauty. Congratulations.” – JD

And via Twitter:
Tim Pegler’s Five Parts Dead has the most frightening and visceral car crash scene I have ever read. Also, the story is scary.

Loved #5partsdead, too much to get across on twitter, even! Very impressed, congratulations!

5 Replies to “Five Parts Dead”

  1. I stumbled upon Year 10 male students lining up outside of the library, on their lunch break, waiting for Tim’s autograph on their English text, 5PD. This means something.

    1. Many thanks, Jess. That lunch in the library was great fun. I was humbled by how many of your students had truly connected with Five Parts Dead. Best wishes, Tim

  2. Absolutely loved your book Tim. I had it as a reading assignment in school and went ahead of my class. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait until you come to my class in a couple of weeks. I have so much to ask you about how the book came to be and how you managed to get your emotions into words on paper.

    1. G’day Evynn – great to hear from you and fantastic to learn you loved Five Parts Dead. I trust you have loads of questions for me when I visit your school – the more, the merrier. Best wishes, Tim

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