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Clare Bowditch on writing – and persevering

Extract from the The Sunday Age’s M magazine cover story on Melbourne musician Clare Bowditch on May 6, 2012:

“People are so scared of not being good enough, they keep their first draft under their bed forever,” she says. “No one tells you that when you start something you’ll be shit at it for a while.”

Now, when an aspiring songwriter asks her how to get started, she tells them: “Just write the f—ing song.”

Despite her improvement, Bowditch says she writes, “10 shit songs for every average one, and three average songs for every good one”. This ratio has remained constant. What’s changed is that she no longer flagellates herself over the mediocre tunes.

“The trick is to just keep on creating,” she says. “If you do, victory is nigh, whether the world recognises it or not.”