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Powering up

As I’ve noted elsewhere on this Blog, reviews are part of the life of an author, like it or not. Good, bad or indifferent, hopefully they trigger enough curiosity and interest for readers to chase up your book, read it and make up their own mind as to its worth.

I plan to post an article soon where I talk about the importance of encouragement in the writing process. Believe me, a few kind words can fuel an author for months. So even if you didn’t enjoy reading something, try and find something positive to say to your wordsmith friends. Constructive criticism is also valuable and anything is better than faint praise.

Anyway, the catalyst for this post was a review of Game as Ned that I just stumbled across online. It certainly put a smile on my face and has given me a jump start for the writing/editing day ahead. To the reviewer, Sally Murphy at Aussiereviews.com, I say a big thank you.

Check out Sally’s review here.