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Patience, padawan

With a new book about to land in bookstores, I’ve been nervously casting an eye about to see what other titles are hitting the market at the same time. As a non-established author, I’d obviously prefer not to find my novel up against a new Harry Potter or Twilight-style juggernaut.

One of the August YA releases that will land about the same time as Five Parts Dead is Kirsty Murray’s latest, India Dark. I’m quite keen to read India Dark, partly because I spent time working on the subcontinent in the mid ’90s and partly because Kirsty begins with the ripper opening line, “Daisy opened her mouth and lies flew out.” What a great way to kick off a yarn.

By my count, this is Kirsty’s fourth YA novel in four years (certainly the second in two years) – a remarkable achievement. In realising this I experienced a flash of impatience and envy, wondering what my output might have been if I was a fulltime author too.

Anyway, I was reading Kirsty’s blog and was struck by this post in which she speaks about her frustrations at combining motherhood with writing. I take some comfort in the advice given to Kirsty by the late Peter Porter, that there’s time for many words, poems and stories in an ordinary life and that everything happens in its own time.

It’s another reminder that we should savor the now rather than getting anxious about what might be. So, here I go. I’m excited to have another story on its way out into the world. I hope my ideas and work strike a chord with readers and the leap of faith by my publisher is rewarded.

And I wish the lovely Ms Murray all the best for her new book too.