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Putting ideas into action

Here’s a good piece from Aussie author and blogger John Birmingham on how to plan and write a novel.

The prevailing wisdom is that a full time author will need the best part of a year to write and rewrite a novel.

For part-timers like me, it’s a matter of taking every free moment and guarding it like gold bullion. Game as Ned was completed in an empty room over some friends’ garage so I could sandbag away the distractions that come with small children, the Internet, email and sundry domestic demands. Five Parts Dead has been part-written in a web-free upstairs living room supplied by other generous friends who knew my study wasn’t as author-friendly as it should be.

Venues aside, it takes discipline and sweat to write a novel. It’s not easy. It can steal your sleep and sap your confidence. But when the muse is singing, it’s magical.

Here are some other novel writing tips, coming via the Wall Street Journal.