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Avatar immersion

I was an Avatar sceptic. I’d read the pre-publicity and seen the trailers. It wasn’t doing it for me.

I’ve seen it twice now.

I probably need to think more about what swayed me to review my stance. The word of mouth feedback was great. The “changes cinema forever” reviews were powerful too. Ultimately curiosity got the better of me.

As a 3D cinema experience it’s unsurpassed. Viewers really are immersed in a lush new world. Other films will look flat in comparison.

The story borders on blunt and predictable and the dialogue is dodgy at times but so what? Any film that has you actively barracking against the human race must be doing OK with characterisation and plot.

I do wonder if the script-writers were given a list of things they had to cover as the story is clearly anti-discrimination (race, intellect, education, disability, religion or gender) and pro-conservation. Indeed, I can see clever librarians and teachers adding it to school curriculums as a trigger for discussing issues such as conquest and colonisation, indigenous rights and religions, disability, inter-faith/race relationships, Mother Earth and much more.

Subtle, no. But engaging, absolutely.