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WiP Sneak Peek

The marvellous Ms Simmone Howell has tagged me in a meme challenge. Henceforth I must throw caution to the wind and permit a sneak peek at my work-in-progress – specifically seven lines from page seven or page seventy-seven.

I’ll confess to clicking ‘compile’ in my writing software to stitch a manuscript together. And to reading the copy on pages seven and 77. And not being entirely comfortable.

So I returned to those chapters and, after some huffing, puffing and hand wringing, I edited and rewrote.

I don’t know if that’s in the spirit of the meme, particularly given the inadvertent destruction of dwellings fashioned from straw and sticks. Karma came back to haunt me anyway. When I recompiled the manuscript, the page numbers had changed. What used to be on pages 7 and 77 wasn’t any more. This effectively meant that editing until I was happy could take an eternity. I had to draw a line somewhere, sometime.

So here you go, brave readers. Please find below what was a seven line snippet from page seven of my WIP:


Michiko lingers at the showroom door downstairs. “Hey, thanks for all your help,” I murmur. “It made it easier, knowing you were nearby, ready to stab me with a sharp implement.” She giggles and that’s it, that’s enough for me. One moment of levity punctures the heaviness in the room, my chest, my mind. Lets fresh air trickle back in.
I put an arm around her, acting more boldly than I feel. “So, when do you fly?”


As for tagging others, I hereby toss the gauntlet at Ms Leanne HallMr Michael Pryor, Sandy Fussell and  Mr Scot Gardner. No pressure, guys.

UPDATE: You can check out Sandy’s post, here.

Time travel

I’m looking to 2012 to be an author again. Why? because this year I’ve done a lot of talking about writing. Actual writing, not so much. There are reasons and excuses aplenty for this but none of them change the year that was and is. All the more reason to look ahead.

In looking ahead though, I had reason to look back. I was recently approached about ideas I have on the go. That’s a rich vein to tap into. There are a couple of would-be novels percolating, one of which could possibly end up a graphic novel… or a spec fic series. There’s a junior fiction idea or two (part written) and a handful of children’s books. All of these need some time and silence to come alive.

It also led me to delve back into old hard-drives to check out stories I’ve begun, abandoned and long forgotten. Why? Because I wanted to see if any of the lost characters still spoke to me. Whether they had gone off and had other adventures since I last occupied their headspace.

There was the piece from 2003 about a boy reluctantly attending a Christian Revival event and feeling massive peer pressure to go up front and lie that he believed. That character lives on, still mired in unrequited love. I’ll revisit him down the track.

There was the 2005 project, all 12,000 words of it, that was conceived as an adult novel rather than YA. It centres on a love triangle and is quite sad. That’s another one I plan to re-read and re-think in the very near future. Given that I remember very little of it, apart from the central character’s name and inability to sleep, I wonder how I’ll react to what I read.