Game As Ned

Reviewers’ comments on Game as Ned:

“… gut-wrenching… will resonate with teens…” – Children’s Book Council of Australia

“…a sensitive and deeply moving story about people who are lonely, unfairly judged and on the margins of society” – Good Reading

“The plot is well-crafted and original and, in the manner of all good fiction, confronts society with some of its demons.” – Viewpoint

“Life-affirming” – Reading Time

“Compelling” – Herald Sun

“Heart-warming” – Magpies

“A tense and polished debut” – State Centre for Youth Literature

“Two wonderfully created characters make up the beating heart of this novel.” – Readings Monthly

“… a powerful story about the dangers of relying on surface impressions.” – Canberra Times

“… a story that pulls the reader forwards as the characters struggle against their fates.” – Sunday Age

“… deep, insightful and picks up a terrific pace…” – Burnie Advocate

“Poignant and touching … a great, thought-provoking read.” – Lake News

“The author is to be congratulated for a cleverly conceived and thoughtfully written story, wonderful characterisations and valuable attention to detail.” – The Spectrum (Autism Victoria)

All reviews, good, bad or indifferent, are great because they equate to a modicum of publicity for your work. In a world chock-a-block with books where new are titles released every month, any publicity you can get for your own work is invaluable. I’m blessed to have had some great reviews.

But even better than professional reviews is the feedback you get when readers take the time to let you know they enjoyed your work.

Game as Ned cover

Game as Ned cover

Here are some of the comments that I have been privileged to receive:

“Hi Tim, just a fan who loved your book ‘Game as Ned’. Even though I read it in a day, it was so fantastic I went back and read the ending over again just to be with the characters you created for a little longer. You made the characters really come to life, especially in subtle ways, and I really appreciated that you didn’t spend paragraphs explaining needless scenery like so many other authors. This book is brilliance condensed, and I’m really looking forward to any other books you may write.” – Sarah T

“Hey Tim, finished your book today … great stuff. Loved the style of your writing, the humour and the story. Very intense ending – I did not know which way it was going to go… I reckon they will make this book of yours into a film one day… Looking forward to your next novel.” Ash D

“We got Tim’s book on Friday; I finished it that afternoon! I just really wanted to say how brilliant I thought the book was …It really was a good read and I enjoyed it very much. I’ll be recommending it to a friend of mine who I think would particularly enjoy it (well, actually I’ll be telling all my friends about it but there’s one in particular who I think would really like to read it)!” Kaitlyn C

“I found your book thoroughly engaging and enjoyed it immensely.” Marnie L

“I read the book; very impressed. Quite the page turner.” Kathy P

“Hi Tim, I read the book straight away and thought it was very good ( I couldn’t put it down).” Michelle W

“Hey Tim, I read your book on Saturday and loved it. Even shed a tear or two a couple of times!” Danielle C

“Just finished ‘Ned’. You b——, you made me cry. A great story and two wonderful characters. Brilliant.” Lliam A

“Dear Tim, just finished your book. Amazing. Loved the ending.” Julianne P

“I read your book a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic, loved it!” Christine D

“I just finished reading your book, Game As Ned, and it was lovely. So thank you.” Darcy L

For a detailed synopsis of Game as Ned, please visit the Teachers’ Notes page.