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“If you wish to be a good writer, write.” – Epictetus

There hasn’t been a lot of movement along Thunder Road in the past year and I apologise for that. New role at work, tight timetable, too much travelling… I can make excuses aplenty. Will they really be honest though?

I confess to a severe loss of writerly confidence but missing mojo isn’t really a good reason to put down my pen and not pick it up again. Most guides to writing, and the quote above, cut to the truth. Yep, I get it. I haven’t been making myself right because I haven’t been making myself write.

So 2018 has begun differently. I’ve changed my routine. I’ve begun writing again. I don’t know if the words are worthwhile but I know they’re better than anything I produced last year.

Cover image for Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology

One of the things I did do in 2017 was send off a sample of my DNA to check for ancestral connections. I’ve long joked with my kids that my cultural interests and palate must mean I’m a blend of Japanese, Indian, Scandinavian, Brit and indigenous Australian. When the results arrived they were focused across the United Kingdom, western Europe and Scandinavia. It turns out I’m one-fifth Viking after all.

I’ve read Norse mythology as long as I can remember. That interest was understandably rekindled last year.

2017 favourites

Watching: Vikings; The Handmaid’s Tale, 13 Reasons Why; Stranger Things; Luke Cage

Reading: One Would Think the Deep – Claire Zorn; The Stars at Oktober Bend – Glenda Millard; The Other Side of Summer – Emily Gale; Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen; When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi; Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman and others.

Listening: Ironbark -The Waifs; Go Farther in Lightness – Gang of Youths; Greetings from Asbury Park – Bruce Springsteen, Midnight Oil back catalogue. And podcasts! Check out Phoebe’s Fall, The Music Dissectors (with a guest appearance from yours truly) and Myths and Legends.

Silver screen: Blade Runner 2049; All for One; Dunkirk

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