On facing down dragons


Defeating dragons

Thank you to Christina at Quillpower for triggering my dragon musings today. I saved this image so long ago that I can’t remember who or what the source was, sorry. But I do love the quote from the very Rumpole-esque wordsmith, G.K. Chesterton.

I’ve faced a few dragons in my time, many of my own making. I’d also argue that writing a novel is like wrestling a dragon. It’s tough to breach the hide and reach the heart. You might think you have the jaws and claws under control, only to be whipped by the tail. There’s a high risk of being publicly incinerated. But the elation experienced if you do succeed is intense and well worth striving for.

I’m deep into the biggest manuscript I’ve ever attempted. It may be that I’m close to completing Book 1 of a trilogy. That means an absolute monster of a dragon.

I hope I’m equal to the task.

UPDATE: Thank you to the delightful and generous Sandy Fussell for helping me trace the artist responsible for the image above (sans text). More of Kay Nielsen’s magnificent fairytale illustrations can be found here. Sandy’s blog is here.

4 thoughts on “On facing down dragons”

  1. G’day Sandy – I really can’t remember or I would have attributed it. Think I copied it from someone’s social media feed but who and when and whether they cited a source are all lost in my foggy memory, sorry. T

  2. Love your work, Sandy. I think we can call this solved, based on your forensic tools.

    The Über-excellent Brain Pickings had an article in your search results discussing the work of Danish artist Kay Nielsen here. So now we know who the artist is, although who overlaid the quote, I’m not sure. But thank you!

    NB: Looks like prints can be purchased here.

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