Back online

I recently learned Thunder Road has been offline for a while and that, sadly, data was lost during this period.

If you subscribed to my feed prior to May 2014, chances are that you may need to do so again. I apologise for this inconvenience.

If you’re browsing the site you might also find broken links and missing images. If you do, feel free to let me know. I’ll be plastering up the cracks as I find them.

On the upside, the enforced makeover has given me new incentive to keep a watchful eye on the site and keep the content ticking over.

The period of down time was particularly inconvenient as I’ve just enjoyed a very busy period of school visits and public speaking. To all those who hosted me, listened to my stories, laughed at my jokes, asked questions or came up for a chat, thank you – I was fortunate to spend time with you.


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