A leap of faith

I’ve done it. Quit my job. Listened to all my responsible eldest child instincts and entreaties … and ignored them. So far, that decision feels good.

For several reasons, the timing of this rash, sorry, bold decision felt right. I have a couple of projects on the drawing board. I have ideas clamouring to be heard and friends raising the possibilities of future collaborations, if only I had more time available.

Well, here I come. My plan is to work in my wife’s business two days a week, make myself available for more public speaking, cycle more and actually have a red hot go at being an author. That means writing more words, more frequently, something I’ve only ever threatened to do.

While I might have agonised over the pros and cons of cutting myself off from a regular income, there was one sign it was the right thing to do. The day I made the decision, I felt lighter. Relief like a cool change after a heatwave. I sat down and wrote 2000 words as if the Muse had shattered her shackles.

Let’s hope that’s a sign I’ve made the right choice.

“A dream deferred is a dream denied.” – Langston Hughes

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