The perfect office

If I was to suddenly come into money one of the things I’d like to do is have the shed in my backyard transformed into a two-storey (but multi-story) studio. There’d be space downstairs for the all-important bikes, a bathroom and storage for other essential shed kipple.

Upstairs would be a massive bench for writing, somewhere to boil the kettle, shelves for my trinkets, pinboards for brainstorming and a wide window overlooking my back garden.

The perfect view would be through some wizened red gums across a beach and out to sea – but that’s highly unlikely from where I live. If I take the fantasy further, the office might even be an actual treehouse, so that I’d be surrounded by living energy. If that sounds silly, check out some of these stunning treehouses. I don’t think I could manage the PNG version but most of the others would make for a magnificent writing space.

There are other ripper treehouses here.

Guess I’ll have to make do with my imagination for now.

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