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  1. Thanks Tye. I’m not happy with how the fonts get crunched when minimised for YouTube but hopefully it still gives a sense of the book. I tried to make it appealing to a Yr 9 reader!

    And your colleague has nothing to feel bad about. T

  2. I loved the book. Thanks for revealing your scrapes with death at Booktalkers. I thought they were improbable whilst I read the book! So I had a completely different relationship with it after hearing you.

  3. Thanks Peter. I had similar feedback from another reader last week – comments along the lines of, “all those near death experiences seemed unbelievable”. It’s a valid reaction and one I hadn’t really considered. It all seems very believable from where I’m sitting. Actually, having lost friends and family in different circumstances but way too early, that was one of the starting points for the book: Why am I still here when others aren’t so lucky?

    In pondering this it occurred to me that many teenagers take risks – knowingly or otherwise. Most of my ‘scrapes’ came down to bad luck. But others make choices to take a pill or jump off a bridge to impress their peers. So maybe a character being ‘five parts dead’ isn’t all that unbelievable after all.

    Many thanks for reading 5PD and for coming along to listen to Booktalkers.


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