Road warriors

According to this piece in Britain’s The Guardian, authors need to be road warriors to raise awareness of their work and promote reading generally.

That means travelling to schools, libraries and anywhere else we can peddle our wares and pump our own tyres without being socially inappropriate. I must admit to feeling somewhat staunch talking to 500+ students in two days last week, at urban schools situated far beyond my usual haunts.

So I’m liking this idea a lot. In fact I reckon I should buy a leather jacket and turn up to schools Mad Max style … possibly without the shotgun over my shoulder.

Thanks to a fellow road warrior, the very intrepid John Danalis (@JohnDanalis), for finding the article. I mean this is an author who travelled interstate by air then boarded a Metro train and then unfolded his bicycle and cycled the rest of the way to an outer suburban school visit. That’s commitment.

3 thoughts on “Road warriors”

  1. You do a wonderful job at being a ‘Road Warrior’ Tim. And you go above and beyond what most Authors will do to chat with Kids on their level.

    I had a complete gigglefit at your mad max comment. Please do this next year when I book you again!!!! Sans shotgun of course…

  2. Tim, I reckon the shotgun has its place, too – metaphorically, of course. You will turn more heads with a shotgun than a bowl of warm custard flung from the lectern. Both barrels blazing. 😉

  3. Mate, sounds like I need to come to one of your sessions. Of course it helps that you pack the bazooka at gigs, or at least the didg.

    Best wishes for a rip-snorter new year.


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