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Maybe it’s the stickybeak in me. Or the reporter. Actually, let’s go with ‘compulsive storyteller’. That’s more palatable.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, I spend a lot of time seeing or hearing things and making up stories to go with them.

Example. I was in a doctors’ waiting room this morning and found myself matching all manner of ailments and injuries to the patients shuffling by. The bloke with both arms in plaster was probably a motorcyclist or bruised cyclist like me but I initially had him falling off a factory roof during a break and enter… Sorry, mate.

I do this with songs, too – listen to the lyrics and try to guess what the composer had in mind when they wrote the song. (Over the years I’ve matured slightly and reluctantly accepted that artists might not actually be singing auto-biographical material about their own achy-breaky hearts.)

So I’m really excited to have Paul Kelly’s How To Make Gravy on order. This is an Answer Book, as far as I’m concerned. Questions I’ve mused over, songs I’ve listened to for years are going to be explained by the man himself. I can’t wait.

Another project that has piqued my interest is the collaboration between US singer-songwriter Ben Folds and UK author Nick Hornby. The latter took short stories and other ideas and turned them into lyrics. The former wrote melodies and created songs. The end result was the album, Lonely Avenue. Here’s a link to my favourite track, so far. It’s a universal story that many, many people will identify with.

And here’s a trailer explaining how the Lonely Avenue project came to be:

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