4 thoughts on “Talking Five Parts Dead”

  1. Err, ta. I thought I sounded like I had a mouthful of gravel. Or hungover. Then one of my friends said that’s how authors are supposed to sound. Hungover, that is.

    I’ve also had feedback from a relative who shall not be named but who is on holidays in WA – Hi, Mr Fisherman – that I sounded morose. Maybe I did. It’s not exactly a topic to make jokes about. And when the interviewer is in Sydney and I’m in Melb, it’s hard to know judge what tone is right.

    All things considered I think it went OK.

  2. I have heard the saying that Authors should sound hungover actually. I honestly didnt think you sounded like any of those things. I thought you sounded considered and thoughtful. I wouldnt say morose either!

    I have some small idea of what you mean though, when I gave that award on Friday I was sure I sounded like a chipmunk! Its so hard to gauge how you might be coming across.

    I think you did a great job! 🙂

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