Five Parts Dead – first review

Imagine you’ve put your heart and soul into designing a car. You want it to be attractive, fun to drive, functional, fuel efficient and a crowd-pleaser. Once your work is done, a team of engineers work with you to make the dream real. Then it hits the streets … and is branded the worst set of wheels since the Ford Edsel. The horror.

Waiting for word-of-mouth and media reviews on a book is kind of similar. I know how hard I worked and the amount of toil contributed by the publishers. As a team we’ve sculpted and scraped, spat and polished, sweated and shivered to get the story right. Now it’s up to readers to rule on whether we nailed it.

The first full review I’ve seen for Five Parts Dead has been published – and, thankfully, it’s a great start. You can check it out here.

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