Freelance, part time, no time

Regular visitors might not have noticed the lack of action on these pages lately and I apologise for that. This week is unlikely to be different.

Much as I’d like to say I’ve paused by the side of Thunder Road to camp and enjoy the view, the truth is I’ve been in my writer’s cave juggling deadlines.

Last week’s task list included an Internet trade show, a training course, a real estate brochure, a mortgage broker’s newsletter and a health bulletin. Throw in a mate’s book launch and some lobbying work on behalf of my kids’ school and the week was crammed.

This week looks… even more intense. I’ve just received final mark-ups on the manuscript for Five Parts Dead, due Friday. There’s still quite a bit of work to do and the book will benefit from the extra spit and polish. I’m learning a helluva lot about writing from this process. Wax on. Wax off. (Think I just exposed myself as a child of the ’80s.)

I’m also co-writing an online stress management course (need to practise what I preach) and documenting my role as a website editor for my new employers at my main freelance job.

Best of all this week, I’m spending three days leading writing workshops with students at Manor Lakes Specialist College. I’m looking forward to checking out this shiny new school and wallowing in creative chaos with the students.

Busy, yes. Under pressure, sure. But that’s the life of a freelance, part time writer. It’s rare that you can plan your workload and common for deadlines to overlap. It’s also why blogging and Twittering have had to take a back seat.

Interestingly, there’s been recent coverage of the value in writers stepping away from online distractions. Check out this LA Times blog and author article on going cold turkey on Twitter.

I’ll resume trudging down Thunder Road as soon as humanly possible.

In the meantime, here’s further proof of my ’80s leanings.

3 thoughts on “Freelance, part time, no time”

  1. Oh I hear ya, buddy – I often think I put the ‘free’ into freelance and regularly suffer the frustration of having my stories ‘put back’ a month or two and then not being able to bill until they’re in print.
    Thank God my husband – aka Love Chunks – has a better paying ‘day job’!

  2. Ha! Very true, Kath. And the bigger the client, the longer they take to pay…

    The free in freelance comment reminds me of a great line I heard in India when I worked there briefly in the ’90s. One of my journo colleagues said to me, “Journalists are India’s greatest freedom fighters.” Just as I was thinking about campaigners like Ghandi, he smiled and added, “We fight for everything to be free. Free meals, free rail passes, free phone calls…”

    And then he showed me to the buffet – at a press conference.

  3. Is it bad that I LOVE that we get to be the ‘best of all this week’ ?

    You are doing a stellar job, how you manage it all is completely beyond me, but the fact that you can show up and be engaging and witty for my kids three sessions a day, three days straight makes you Superman in my book.


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