Stuff writers should do

A couple of weeks back I posted on stuff writers shouldn’t do. It can be a tad confronting to hear what readers hate – until you remember you’re a reader and agree with many of the comments.

Now, thanks to the eagle eyes of the delightful Kirsty Murray, here’s a terrific list of things writers should do. Compiled by the UK’s Guardian newspaper, theses tips contain the wisdom, humour and brutal honesty of some very successful authors. Pure gold.

Maybe I should have the list tattooed down my forearm…

Incidentally, for the Twitterers out there, you can follow Kirsty via @kirstymurray and the Guardian via @GuardianBooks.

2 thoughts on “Stuff writers should do”

  1. These are good, aren’t they? I don’t agree with quite a few, but others are sublime. A great read.

    Hey, did you knwo that Kirsty Murray lives 4 doors down from me. I’m not even sure she knows (which makes me sound like a stalker) but she does. Come visit us both and get a two for one deal!

  2. I think I liked the list about what writer’s shouldn’t do best. Hmmm… Wonder what that says about me? My favourite on the shouldn’t do was JC #1 Partly becuase I am a little guilty of the sin and partly becuase I have just struggled through Waiitng for Godot and I feel the pain. JC#1 said: Don’t write something where nothing happens. This ain’t Godot. Make something happen. If you find you don’t have enough material, try microblogging instead.

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