Snapshot from a novel #2

Extracts from the excellent The Beginner’s Guide to Living by Lia Hills (Text Publishing 2009).

From a scene describing a funeral wake:

Dad’s not far away, leaning into the lounge room wall like it’s the only thing that will hold him up, his suit all corrugated with grief. (p5)

From a scene describing the bustle on the State Library steps:

It’s hot, hot on my face, on my chest, and the warmth feels good; it’s evaporating something that doesn’t belong. I find a spot on the steps out of the traffic but still in the sun. Below me, there are some emos huddled in as much shade as they can manage, a flock of them all in black like suicidal crows. (p29)

And sleep disruption:

Jigsaw night made up of pieces of sleep. The dawn of my first exam. (p199)

And here’s a quote Lia brought to our attention during her month at insideadog:

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” – Nietzsche

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