Driving with Don Walker

Get me to the station by a quarter to two,
This town’s like a stripper with a broken shoe.
Either she’s getting fatter or the veils have shrunk
And anyone who’s staying is blind or drunk…

Don Walker / Catfish
Unlimited Address (1988)

I bought this album because I knew Don Walker’s work in Cold Chisel. It’s not a rock album. It’s more like blues with an international, gypsy feel. It was probably way too obtuse for Chisel fans and reportedly didn’t sell well.

Nonetheless, it took me to all manner of exotic places, well beyond the range of my daily commute. It might have even kept me alive, as I’d sing along driving home from graveyard shifts at The Sun … or stay alert musing over how many of the portraits Walker painted were based on his personal experiences.

I’ve never forgotten these particular lyrics. They’re economical and evocative. We’ve all visited places that made us wonder why people stay. Good storytellers make us want to ask what happened next. Did he make the train? Where did he travel to?

Walker has a new blues album out entitled We’re All Gunna Die. I’m gunna buy it.

6 thoughts on “Driving with Don Walker”

  1. Indeed. New album worked well for an early morning road trip yesterday though. And hey, congrats on your blog entry in the Top 50 blog thingy. What was it Molly Meldrum used to say: “up the charts with a bullet”? Great stuff. And I believe you and I are lined up for a writing club @ school next year???

  2. going to see don walker tomorrow perform with lucky oceans at the freo arts centre , for free. tex,don and charlie I really enjoy so first time don should be good.

  3. Nice one – sounds like a top night. I have the first T, D & C album and Don’s solo stuff taps a similar vein. Good musical storytelling!

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