Word of the week # 9: Hanami

The Japanese have a noun for the activity of ‘flower viewing’ – hanami.

One of the first phrases I learnt in secondary school Japanese translates as “shall we go flower viewing” (Hanami ni ikimashoo ka) – and it has stayed with me ever since.

A couple of years ago a mate and I did an impromptu Tokyo trip and just caught the end of the cherry blossom season. I was rapt to witness the blossom worshippers celebrating spring. All power to a culture that can see the magic and meditation in how petals fall, I say.

I subsequently dug up my back yard and replaced the drought-ravaged lawn with crushed rock. A garden redesign takes longer than writing a novel but I’m working towards a Japanese feel, with a bias to native Australian plants to bring the birds back. Here’s part of the work in progress during Melbourne’s own cherry blossom season – before the cold snap washed it all away.

Melbourne spring
Melbourne spring

2 thoughts on “Word of the week # 9: Hanami”

  1. Bee-yoooo-tiful!

    It sure looks like a nicer back yard than ours – unless you call over-hanging blocks of flats next door, randomly laid dog turds and blackbird scattered-mulch a fetching look?

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