Word(s) of the week #8

Critical Mess (noun) – the tipping point for domestic mess at which physical and mental health are endangered by clutter and the inability to put anything away. In the Little Monkey’s room, we are constantly on the cusp of Critical Mess.

Another word that’s relevant here is the noun ‘kipple’, as coined by Philip K Dick in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (aka Blade Runner). Kipple refers to the junk that seemingly accumulates by itself in a home. Whenever you leave a room kipplisation occurs and you return to a space more cluttered and messy than you left. Definitely happens at my house.

5 thoughts on “Word(s) of the week #8”

  1. You will never believe this…I did indeed print this off and give it to her to read.
    Here is her response “Mum, if in fact the kipplisation thingy is true, then its not my fault its messy. Also, my bedroom is only endangering your mental health, not mine. You could just shut your eyes when you walk past.”
    She is 9.
    Im thinking I might be in serious trouble when she is 13….

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