A flawed hero

Athletes everywhere have to contend with armchair experts spewing out critiques implying they could do the job better. Cadel Evans seems to attract more than his share of brickbats, partly because Australian sportsfans have come to expect not just medals but gold medals. Maybe it’s because he can also come across as cranky – not that such a trait is unprecedented in Australian sport. When we like these folk, cranky is spun as feisty. And when they’re winning, we forgive all manner of perceived sins.

Anyway, hopefully the critics are eating some humble pie now that Cadel is world champion in road racing. Here’s a link to a good piece from one journo who has graciously, re-appraised the dogged champ.

I think Cadel is a great story, a real case of succeeding against the odds through utter G&D (guts and determination). I cycle regularly and I certainly couldn’t do what he does, month-in, month-out and, I believe, free of performance-enhancing substances. He has my respect. And congratulations. As do the entire Australian team for the race. It’s a great result.

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