5 thoughts on “Word of the week #7”

  1. Now that is a GREAT word!

    I hope you don’t mind Tim, but I have just written a small post about you and your wonderful book on the blog. It is also an apology to you, for it seems, and this is very embarrassing, that until yesterday I have not in fact read your book and may have mixed up your book with another title I read 🙁 If I had to sum it up in a six word story….

    Head full of storylines
    Wrong Author

  2. G’day Tye, no problemo. Would love to know what you think when you’re done reading.

    And I’ve put a link to the Book Gryffin on my site so I can keep up with all your latest reviews!

    Best wishes,

  3. Thankyou so much Tim, Im thrilled 🙂

    Almost finished your amazing book, loving every word!

    I cannot remember the release date for your next book? If its anywhere near as great as Game As Ned, I cannot wait to read it.

    Cheers, Tye.

  4. G’day Tye – thanks for your kind words. ‘Five Parts Dead’ is currently looking like it will hit bookshelves in May 2010. Will let everyone know a firm date when I have one. I’ve got lots of editing to do in the meantime!
    Keep up the great work making kids excited about reading, T

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