Save the Aussie book industry!

Further to my previous words on this subject, here’s a link to a petition favouring retaining the status quo in the local book industry.

Whether you’re a reader, writer, retailer, librarian, lyricist, student, screenwriter, teacher, tutor, techie, tradie, poet, publisher or proud of our unique Australian culture, please check it out, print it out and get friends and family to add their signatures to this campaign.


One thought on “Save the Aussie book industry!”

  1. Thanks for the plug for the anti-Parallel Importation of Books Petition on your site, Tim.
    Just a reminder to your readers that the cut-off date is the 1st September so if you’ve got petitions out there capturing signatures, remember to get them back to the address on the bottom of the sheet by the 1st SEPTEMBER 2009.

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