Music on the wind

When The Big Day Out is held at the Melbourne Showgrounds, I can hear chunks of the artists on the main stage from my yard – depending on which way the wind blows.

I remember hearing most of New Order’s set a few years back. Very cool. It helps if I know the music as I can mentally add the bits the wind doesn’t deliver. However, one act I knew nothing about literally blew me away – this track from Canadian band Arcade Fire:

Arcade Fire has been compared with one of my all-time rock heroes, Bruce Springsteen … and yes, I reckon I can hear the influences in some of their tracks. Another link is that the Boss and the Fire are both big-time Obama supporters. Indeed, search the YouTubes and you’ll find a phone-recording of my favourite Arcade Fire track, Intervention, being played at the Obama Staff Ball no less.

Imagine getting that call: “Hello, it’s the president of the U-nited States. Yes, Obama. No… I’m not bullshitting. It’s me. I want you to play to my staff…”

I’d have linked the White House clip here but one of the staffers is singing so badly it kills the song. Here it is loud and live in Scotland instead:

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