Little victories

Sometimes you need to savour life’s little victories, rather than sweating the targets you’re yet to hit. Here are a couple of snapshots from recent days:

  • I finish a school visit encouraging boys to read more, having recommended specific titles from the library shelves and my own collection. One of the students approaches me and asks if he can borrow one of those books right away. (For the record, that was Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, featuring hackers, Xbox, surveillance, torture, teen romance…) That felt like a win to me.
  • As I’m speaking to the main group, there’s an older student off to one side, enjoying a free study period. I notice he’s tuning in and nodding as I speak (thankfully not nodding off). Turns out he’s endorsing the list of books I’m suggesting. Nice one.
  • The Little Dragon (Grade 3) has successfully campaigned to have his teacher read the first of Sandy Fussell’s excellent Samurai Kids books to his class. He tells me the class is loving it, no surprise there, but he’s not enjoying it as much “because Dad read it better” during bedtime stories.
  • A student comes up to me after one of my school sessions and says he never really considered journalism as a career path but now wants to put it high up his list because “it’s a lot more interesting than I realised”.
  • During one of my writing workshops this week a student whips up an evocative story sketch and I end up awarding him a prize. I later learn he’d begged to attend my workshop because he was too unwell to attend a previous author’s visit. The subject of his true story? Being diagnosed with leukaemia. Serendipity?
  • The super-duper bike lights I ordered online make it across two states in time for me to fit and charge them before my next night ride.

If you want to celebrate your life’s little victories and feed some brain fodder to a cartoonist, check out Keith Knight’s website.

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