Energised by passionate people

You’ve got to love people who are passionate about their professions. I reckon folks who exude enthusiasm about the next project, the next challenge, the next chance to change a patient/student/life are the people that recharge our batteries and invigorate us for the day ahead.

This morning I met with a friend who wanted to run some ideas for television programs by me – namely a doco and an animation for children. His pitches sounded like winners to me. That fired me up to go try and kick some goals too.

Last week I met some publishing industry professionals and we discussed my current manuscript, which has the working title of Five Parts Dead. I explained that I’d tried to write a book that 15-year-old reluctant readers would power through from start to finish. The chapters are short. The paragraphs are too. There’s very little padding. It’s a manuscript intended for people more familiar with text messaging, Twittering and micro-blogging than ploughing through acres of verbiage.

One of the publishers responded that, and I paraphrase, ‘We live in an era of constant distraction. Books are a respite from the distraction and that’s why we have to make them the best we possibly can.’

There’s passion in that philosophy. And truth.

Stamp out the distractions and get passionate about a book today.

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