Biking before writing

I generally aim to spend an hour or so on my pushbike before I hit the laptop for a writing session. Why? Mainly because being out in the fresh air is like jump-starting my brain. It’s also good for the rest of my body – unlike sitting in a chair. And it sometimes gives me ideas, as this post for insideadog shows.

Perhaps best of all, cycling is me-time when I can sometimes successfully shut out the worries of the world, pressing deadlines and personal stressors and focus on cresting the next hill. Concentrating on cadence (or just keeping up, if I’m out with others) can almost be meditative.

The uber-author Tim Winton lives near the sea and describes surfing in a similar way in an article published in Fairfax’s Sunday Life in March:

“You’re out on the water, not thinking about what you’re supposed to be doing, what you have to do tomorrow – you’re in the present tense. You’re untouchable and in that sense it’s quite meditative.”

Much better than sitting at a computer waiting for the next idea to arrive!

NB: This morning I detoured and went exploring part of Melbourne I’d never seen. Burnt nearly two hours (whoops). Saw swans, cormorants, ducks, firetail finches, grass parrots and even a fox chasing rabbits. Absolutely magnificent.

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