New ways to read, new ways to write

I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about usability expert Mark Hurst and his Good Experience website. Today’s post is inspired by Mark’s January 13 piece about reading using a Kindle e-book reader.

While reading a lengthy thriller, Mark stumbled across the phrase “his heart in his mouth” (or “her heart…”) often enough to bug him. Using the Kindle’s search tool, he discovered the phrase occurred 17 times.

My interest in Mark’s “user experience” is as an author. Here’s the sting for me. As an author, I need to be hyper-vigilant when writing. I need to deliver positive usability – a book that doesn’t unintentionally bug readers.

With people finding new ways to read and analyse text, I need to find new ways to keep them engaged and entertained. I need to use word combinations that are fresh and fun.

And I need to proof read and re-write my manuscripts until I have terminated any passages that are dull or don’t work.

Mind you, that’s a whole lot easier with a 40,000 word manuscript than one ten times longer.

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