Creative visions

When an artist paints a picture they take their vision and transfer it to canvas for others to view, interpret and like/dislike. Unless the work has been specifically commissioned by a patron, I think it highly unlikely it would be partly or wholly repainted to accommodate another’s vision for the work.

Writing a book is a little different. The commercial realities of publishing render writing a more collaborative process. The people investing in the manuscript are entitled to request or suggest adjustments and edits to enhance the product. The author’s willingness to cut or rewrite is probably determined by whether the outcome fits with their original creative vision.

I was lucky that the proposed edits for Game as Ned were relatively minor. Book 2 is slightly more experimental and likely to provoke a broader range of reactions. Several of my test readers say they like it even more than my first book. It’s still early days for publishing industry reactions.

I’ll have a better idea of where Book 2 is headed, and what further work is required, early in 2009.

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