Why Thunder Road?

Someone asked me recently why this blog is tagged Thunder Road. There are a couple of reasons.

One is the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name, one of my personal favourites. I think writing fiction is a leap of faith, similar to the choice Mary is being asked to make in the song. It takes courage to put take yourself outside your comfort zone, to risk releasing your ideas to a carnivorous public. Interestingly, in the clip below Springsteen describes the song as the “invitation” at the start of the brilliant Born to Run album. We don’t get to hear the rest of his thoughts in the clip but I see the song as an invitation to adventure. To leave the everyday and gamble on life getting better.

So what else attracted me to the title? I sometimes think an author’s job is to walk towards the storm and watch how it plays out for the people beneath it. The storm is where actions, emotions and expectations collide. That’s where the story is most likely to be.

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