Starting over

When I scored a book deal for Game as Ned, I couldn’t bring myself to start writing another story until I knew all the GAN edits and rewriting were done and dusted. I kept telling myself that if I started imagining up new characters, I might stop hearing the voices from GAN – a bit like when you’re driving in rural areas and one radio station starts to fade and another overlaps with the frequency. Then again, maybe I was just procrastinating.

Book 2 has now passed from my agent to HarperCollins Publishers Australia, who brought GAN into the world. All being well, I might hear from them in the next week or so as to if they like it enough to print.

Interestingly, I do feel ready to start another story, even though the status of Book 2 is still up in the air. I haven’t started hearing the voice of the main character yet, although I do have a strong sense of his identity and what makes him tick.

Starting a story is the fun bit. I have a beginning and ending in mind but still need to find a middle. I’m planning to storyboard this plot more than I have in the past … so I better stop here and get on with it.

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