Sometimes there are moments of harmony amid the clamour of our lives. Splinters of time when sounds, sights, tasks and tastes seem to align.

While I was working on Book 2 I had a couple of those moments. Book 2 is set at a lighthouse, near a cemetery. Its themes include death, mortality, grief and love. So when I heard Coldplay was releasing an album entitled Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends, I knew I had to own it. With songs such as Cemeteries of London and 42 (with its very apt lyrics), there seemed to be a real synergy with what I was trying to do in Book 2. I love the album and played it a lot in between writing sessions. Indeed, I was thinking of including a lyric from one of the tracks in Book 2 until my agent advised that the copyright fee would most likely bankrupt me…

Another album that begged attention was Chimney’s Afire by Josh Pyke. I didn’t own any of Josh’s music and didn’t really know it. But when I heard it was his second album and the first single would be The Lighthouse Song it seemed to be a “snap” moment. I bought it. Liked it a lot. Am very glad my creative energy brought me to it.

The book I intend to start writing next is set in Tokyo and Melbourne. I wonder what that story will bring into my life.

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