An appeal for better boys’ books

Further to my musings on books for boys, here’s a 13-year-old sharing some home truths with the publishing industry. Much as I applaud his incitement and agree with most of his thoughts, I can’t help but wonder how representative he is. (Sorry Max.)

At some of the schools I visit I have teaching staff tell me “these (14 yo) boys are reading reading at 8- to 10-year-old levels”. Ask the boys what age-level computer games they’re playing and that’s another story.

Anyway, Max’s wisdom is well worth considering. As an author, it’s invaluable information.

One thought on “An appeal for better boys’ books”

  1. I grew up as a reluctant reader. And this was in the home where my father authored over 70 books. There may be a reluctant reader in your family or circle of friends.

    At the end of 2001, I decided to do some research into why I hadn’t liked reading, and I found some startling patterns. So I began writing the kinds of books I WOULD have enjoyed as a child.

    My books have larger print. I use shorter sentences, with lots of dialog, humor, and heart-pounding action and adventure. Readers won’t find big blocks of words, or endless descriptions.
    Maybe these books will be the answer you’re looking for because I believe that a reluctant reader is simply a person who hasn’t found the right book yet.

    If you try one or more of these books for Christmas this year, things might be different at your house with your reluctant reader.

    My blog, Books for Boys, consistently ranks in the top 10 on Google. You will find it at

    Available on Amazon, and all are ranked by Accelerated Reader.

    Max Elliot Anderson

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