The south coast region where we stayed on Kangaroo Island had a transient population of 11 humans, one crowd-pleasing poodle and countless birds and bull-ants.

During one of my research forays, I found a South Australian government tourism brochure from 1955, stating that at the time of publication there was only one dwelling on the island’s south coast between the two southern lighthouses. One dwelling!

Our beach-house was so remote it felt as though we were the only dwelling on the coast. It was a brilliant spot for uninterrupted writing.

It also brought home the isolation of the region – one of the reasons any survivors of the many shipwrecks struggled to make it to a settlement. Here’s a picture of a storm coming in at one of the island’s southern beaches – beautiful but awesome. As a poor sailor but keen explorer, I’m glad I don’t live in the age of sail!

Stormy seas, KI
Stormy seas, KI

Incidentally, the ship that foundered here in 1890 was the steamship You Yangs. All passengers and crew survived.

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